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Storage Efficiency: Integrating Strategies for Data Protection, Tiering and Archiving

The topics of data protection, tiering of data storage, and archiving are the subjects of many discussions.  Typically they are independent discussions – narrowly focused and specific to a particular problem or detail.  The discussions may come from many sources that are trying to solve problems in the areas of buying more primary storage to meet capacity demand and adding resources and processes to meet the needs for protecting that new capacity.

The reality is that these topics are all related.  They are part of a bigger picture of managing information in an environment and effectively utilizing storage systems.  To not understand their relationship in that bigger picture can lead to sub-optimal operations and complexity that is difficult to make efficient at a later time.

Economics and meeting specific requirements are what drive information management.  The requirements fit into two categories:  operational requirements that are responsible for implementing business needs and governance requirements for business controls or regulatory needs.

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March 26, 2013


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