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“Information Archiving – Economics and Compliance” Chapter 1

Download the first chapter of Randy Kerns’ book “Information Archiving – Economics and Compliance” for free.

Archiving of information is a fundamental Information Technology operating process that has been undergoing a renaissance. New and maturing software and revolutionary storage systems are enabling archiving to be a major technology for IT.

Managing information now includes the legal ramifications in dealing with regulated information. The requirements to meet regulations regarding the management and storing of information are highly visible within a company. The regulatory compliance issues regarding inforamtion are even more significant for information that is being archived. Many of the laws are specifically written with the anticipation that information will be stored for long periods of time.

This book details what constitutes archiving, explaining the elements and functions that distinguish it from the more traditional process of data protection and using backup. The economic implications of implementing an archiving system and its impact for the long-term are a very important part of an IT strategy and explored in detail in this book. Another major aspect of archiving overlapping with data preservation is meeting the regulatory compliance and business governance demands for archiving of information.

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June 6, 2012


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