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Technical Insight: Hadoop from Sandbox to Production

White Paper by John Webster.

Reaching production status is now increasingly important for organizations counting on Hadoop to enable them to deliver a new class of analytics capabilities based on Big Data technologies. The reason for sensitivity to this issue is simple. If an enterprise can’t transform its interest in Hadoop from shiny new toy to at least mission-sensitive if not mission-critical application status, then why bother playing with it any longer.

In the case of Hadoop, “in production” means different things to different enterprise users. In early releases, the fact that Hadoop’s Name Node represented a single point of failure was a known problem that could be dealt with by it early adopters in the webscale community (Google, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, etc.). Not so by others in financial services and telecommunications for example who need to see a fix before proceeding further. Other criteria for moving Hadoop from test bed to production status include:

• Readiness to support business-critical applications and their dependent applications

• Data consistency and integrity

• Performance and efficiency at scale

• Conformance to security standards and regulatory requirements

• Availability of qualified IT staff to manage the platform

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December 14, 2015

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