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Fujitsu ETERNUS AF Systems – Product Brief


The ETERNUS AF systems are all flash storage systems in the Fujitsu ETERNUS DX family of storage systems designed for enterprise and distributed environments requiring high reliability, availability and serviceability features. The AF650 S3 is a midrange system and the AF250 S3 and AF150 S3 are entry level systems. The ETERNUS AF systems are all-flash systems based upon the ETERNUS DX line, using the same design and providing the same features.

The ETERNUS AF systems support connectivity via FC or iSCSI for block mode. The AF650 system utilizes a 3U enclosure for the base unit that houses only controllers and additional 2U expansion trays for 2.5” devices. The AF650 32 supports up to 1,052 SSDs using a up to 43 enclosures for a maximum capacity of 32,440 . The AF250 S2 supports a total of 284 SSDs, and two controllers for a maximum capacity of 8,110 TB. The AF150 supports up to 24 SSDs for a maximum capacity of 92 TB.
The Fujitsu DX and AF lines of systems share hardware and software features across the lineup, with higher end systems typically offering more cache, ports and total capacity. Common elements include drive trays, management GUIs and support for replication between systems.
Additional cost items include support for local copies and mirrors, as well as remote replication and advanced management software options.

The Eternus Snapshot Manager uses CommVault IntelliSnap technology to create periodic snapshots and maintain a catalog of all snaps for near real-time recovery of data.

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September 23, 2023


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