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Economic Insight: Modern, Cloud-conscious Approaches to Data Protection

A Review and Economic Evaluation of Cloudian’s HyperStore as Compared to the Traditional Purpose-Built Backup Appliance

by John Webster

We are critically aware of the growth in stored data volumes putting pressure on IT budgets and services delivery. Burgeoning volumes of unstructured data commonly drive this ongoing trend. However, growth in database data can be expected as well as enterprises capture and analyze data from the myriad of wireless devices that are now being connected to the Internet. As a result, stored data growth will accelerate.

The challenge now will be to cope with this acceleration in stored data growth rates. This will put pressure on storage administrators charged with protecting the enterprises data to continually monitor and reevaluate their processes and supporting infrastructure. In this environment, data protection systems that offer large single-image scale, backup and restore performance, and management simplicity will be needed.

Object-based storage systems are now available that demonstrate these characteristics. While they have a diverse set of use cases, we see several vendors now positioning them as on-premises targets for backups. In addition, integration of object-based data protection storage with cloud storage resources is seen by these vendors as a key enabler of performance at scale, cost savings, and administrative efficiency.

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January 30, 2017

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