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Dell EMC PowerEdge MX – Product Brief

Composable Infrastructures direct-connect compute and storage resources, dynamically, using virtualized networking techniques controlled by software. Instead of physically constructing a server with specific internal devices (typically, storage or NICs), or cabling the appropriate device chassis to a server, composable enables the virtual connection of these resources at the device level as needed, when needed.

Not bound by a fixed ratio of CPUs to storage or networking, etc., these products can assemble or “compose” a bare-metal compute system with the desired hardware configuration, essentially at run time. And, they can “disassemble” it when no longer needed, returning those resources to a common pool. Some solutions also support GPUs and/or FPGAs.

The PowerEdge MX is what Dell EMC calls “kinetic infrastructure”, a composable solution of purpose-built hardware modules incorporated into the MX7000 7U chassis. Installed in a standard data center rack, the MX is controlled with OpenManage Enterprise (OME) Modular software. OME performs the composing function for this solution as well as providing comprehensive system management (for compute, storage and networking resources) in the MX with the ability to control up to twenty chassis from a single point.

Dell EMC PowerEdge MX Product Brief Includes:

  • Overview
  • Highlights
  • Usage and Deployment
  • Evaluator Group’s Opinion

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January 5, 2021


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