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AWS Outposts – Product Brief

AWS Outposts instantiate native AWS services, infrastructure, and operating models within an enterprise, on-premises data center environment. Outposts uses the same AWS APIs, tools, and infrastructure across a hybrid, on premises/AWS cloud environment. Outposts is designed to offer native AWS services and the same SDK for workloads that need to remain on-premises due to low latency or local data processing needs.

AWS Outposts come in two variants:
1. VMware Cloud on AWS Outposts for VMware-centric environments and management regimes (currently in beta).
2. AWS Outposts Native supports the same APIs and control plane used the AWS public cloud, but on premises (profiled here).

AWS Outposts infrastructure is the same AWS-designed infrastructure as is used in AWS data centers. It is built, owned and fully managed, maintained, and supported by AWS as if it was part of an AWS region. Secure connectivity to AWS via AWS Direct Connect or VPN is required as well as power and cooling requirements for the Outposts rack.

Many AWS services will not run locally on an Outpost, but instead, will be accessed remotely over the network from an Outpost. However, the services now supported include:
▪ EC2 instances and EBS volumes
▪ VPC networking
▪ Relational Database (RDS)
▪ Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS)
▪ Amazon Relational Database Services (RDS)
▪ Elastic MapReduce (EMR)
▪ Application Load Balancer (ALB)
▪ Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Services (EKS)
▪ Amazon S3 buckets
▪ Amazon Elasticache
▪ AWS App Mesh Envoy proxy

An intermix of services on a single Outposts is allowed. However, the mixof services supported will impact power and cooling requirements.


AWS Outposts Product Brief Includes: 

  • Overview
  • Technology
  • Management
  • Support
  • Acquisition Model
  • Availability
  • Pricing
  • EvaluScale Table
  • Evaluator Group’s Opinion

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November 19, 2021


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