Category: Security Operations

Stamus Networks Delivers Actionable Threat Intelligence for Smarter, Faster Security
Krista Macomber, Senior Analyst at The Futurum Group, shares her insights on how Stamus Networks empowers customers to cut through security noise, ditch alert overload, automate response, and consolidate tools.
The Futurum Group’s Daniel Newman is joined by Rubrik’s Anneka Gupta, Chief Product Officer for a conversation on the need for organizations to establish cyber resilience and the role of AI in cyber resiliency.
GitGuardian Expands into Infrastructure as Code Security
Krista Macomber, Senior Analyst with The Futurum Group, covers GitGuardian, a solution for securing cloud applications by stopping leaky secrets in agile development.
The Futurum Group’s Daniel Newman is joined by Steve Stone, Head of Rubrik Zero Labs for a conversation on how AI is responsible for creating a large amount of data but it can also be the solution for protecting it, and the importance of data visibility.
In our latest Research Brief, Mitigating Cybersecurity Risks for Finance and Treasury Teams, completed in partnership with Trustpair, we cover the key threats facing finance and treasury teams, highlight specific examples of successful cyberattacks, and discuss the specific approaches organizations should take to provide an additional layer of defense that mitigates financial loss.
The Futurum Group’s Daniel Newman is joined by Rubrik’s CEO, Bipul Sinha, for a conversation on cyber resilience and how organizations can achieve business resilience against cyberattacks, malicious insiders, and operational disruptions.
Nutanix Adds Fast Ransomware Detection and One-Click Recovery to Its Data Lens Analytics Tool
The Futurum Group’s Dave Raffo and Krista Macomber explore Nutanix’s new ransomware recovery features. The HCI vendor built cyber resilience into the Data Lens analytics tool and its Unified Storage.
Confidential Computing Collaboration Facilitates Steps Toward Zero Trust in Public Cloud Environments
Dave Raffo and Steven Dickens of The Futurum Group share insights about the Thales-Intel collaboration and how it can help push customers in highly regulated industries toward a zero trust architecture.
On this episode of The Six Five – On The Road, hosts Daniel Newman and Patrick Moorhead welcome Splunk’s Ryan Kovar, Distinguished Security Strategist/SURGe Founder and Kirsty Paine, Field CTO, EMEA, live from .conf23 in Las Vegas to discuss the top security issues organizations need to be paying attention to in 2023.
Krista Macomber, The Futurum Group Senior Analyst, covers AWS re:Inforce, the annual security conference hosted by AWS. re:Inforce focused on the shared responsibility model and the importance of security in cloud computing. The conference highlighted AWS' efforts to secure its infrastructure and assist customers in using the cloud securely. AWS emphasized its commitment to security with developments like the AWS Nitro System and Firecracker, as well as tools such as Amazon GuardDuty, Amazon Detective, and AWS Security Hub, which enhance security and compliance visibility. The conference aimed to address security challenges and reinforce the shared responsibility between AWS and its customers.