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Microsoft has launched its new chromium based Edge browser. This research note looks at the pros of the browser and its likelihood of gaining adoption.
Apple has acquired to expand the company's on device AI capabilities. What does the acquisiton mean for Apple and future Apple Devices.
CES 2020, the Consumer Electronics Show happening this week in Las Vegas, will offer up some winners and some losers – we let you know what to expect. Plus the latest on deep fake technologies, Intel’s quantum computing chips, VMware’s shift to the cloud, and how Russia is edging closer to shutting off the global Internet – all this and more on this week’s edition of the Futurum Tech Podcast.
In this episode of the Six Five Insiders podcast with Daniel Newman and Patrick Moorhead, special guest Deepak Patil, Sr. VP and GM of Cloud Platforms and Solutions at Dell joins us to talk about cloud: Where we are now, where we’re heading, and what Dell’s hyperconverged infrastructure is doing for customers.
Apple would have been smarter to invest money elsewhere than buying this modem business from Intel. This could become a giant money pit.
On this week's edition of the Futurum Tech Podcast, is Apple on the verge of another major transition? North Korea launches a smartphone. Verbal skirmishes between Nokia and Huawei set the stage for a new phase in global 5G competition. Google returns to the bottom of the ocean, and sends cars into fields. Those stories, and more, coming up on this episode of FTP.
At WWDC 2019 Apple's privacy theme rings clear even with a host of massive new announcements. With privacy concerns a growing issue, here are what I think are some of Apple's privacy-focused standouts.