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Steve Long, President and SVP & GM, Commercial Segment IDG at Lenovo, joins Olivier Blanchard and Ryan Shrout to share insights on Lenovo's ambitious vision for the future of AI PCs and its collaboration on Snapdragon X Elite platforms.
Cristiano Amon, President and CEO at Qualcomm, shares insights on the transformative role of AI in diversifying and strengthening Qualcomm's market position, along with the development of Oryon and its influence on the company's compute trajectory.
Alex Katouzian from Qualcomm shares his insights on leveraging AI and other cutting-edge technologies to restore performance leadership to the Windows ecosystem, promising an exciting roadmap for on-device AI and XR advancements.
Olivier Blanchard, Research Director with The Futurum Group, shares his insights into HP’s Q2 2024 earnings and makes the case for why the PC segment’s recovery has dragged in anticipation of the PC refresh supercycle.
On this episode of The Main Scoop, hosts Daniel Newman and Greg Lotko are joined by Broadcom's Lauren Valenti, Director, Mainframe Education, Vitality Residency Program, for a conversation on the allure of the mainframe for new technologists and the critical role of workforce resiliency.
Olivier Blanchard, Research Director with The Futurum Group, shares his insights into Dell’s Q1 2025 earnings, and sheds some light into how Dell’s complete end-to-end AI ecosystem play, from data center to edge to PC, is absolutely the right approach to the transition to AI.
The Six Five team discusses Lenovo Q4 FY23/24 earnings.
An Assessment of Key 5G Ecosystem Adjustments with Verizon’s Neutral Host Debut, Dell Ericsson Aiming to Spur Telco Cloud Journeys and Red Hat Open Source Strides
The Futurum Group’s Ron Westfall and Tom Hollingsworth review recent adjustments throughout the 5G ecosystem including Verizon Business’ debut in the neutral host network segment, Dell and Ericsson commercially debuting Ericsson Cloud RAN software on Dell PowerEdge servers to spur telco cloud journeys, and how Red Hat’s open source approach is making inroads across telco hybrid cloud and Open RAN environments.
Lenovo’s QoQ and YoY Execution in the Expanding Hybrid, Distributed AI Ecosystem Is Fueling an Accelerating Growth Trajectory Across Its Businesses
Olivier Blanchard, Research Director with the Futurum Group, and Steven Dickens, VP and Practice Lead, share their insights into Lenovo’s Q4 and FY 23/24 earnings and drill down into how the company’s pocket-to-cloud strategy is already working.
Tina Tarquinio, VP at IBM, joins Steven Dickens to share her insights on leveraging AI with the mainframe to enhance productivity and modernize applications, charting the course for future innovations in IT infrastructure.
Delmar Hernandez and Steen Graham share insights on optimizing AI and machine learning with Dell's PowerEdge XE9680, spotlighting the server's versatile GPU support and the prospective collaboration with Scalers.AI.
Omar Rawashdeh, PowerEdge Product Planner at Dell, joins Dave Nicholson and Lisa Martin to shed light on Dell's latest PowerEdge Servers, highlighting the innovative T160/R260 PE servers and their pivotal role in modern IT infrastructure.