Category: Mainframe

Futurum’s Steven Dickens provides his take on the announcements coming out of AWS re:Invent related to the mainframe platform. AWS continues to sharpen its focus on the venerable mainframe platform with a more comprehensive partnership with Micro Focus.
Futurum senior analyst Steven Dickens provides his take on the latest release of the venerable OMEGAMON suite from IBM. As clients look increasingly to move to an AIOps driven mindset, IBM is riding this wave with the IBM Z OMEGAMON suite and connecting the data outputs to industry standard offerings such as Elastic and Grafana.
Futurum Research Senior Analyst Steven Dickens provides his take on the Open Mainframe Summit event taking place this week and the announcements the Linux Foundation collaborative project focused on the mainframe is making as part of the conference. As the mainframe transforms to fit within the hybrid landscape, open source represents a key component in the platform continuing its place in mission critical computing environments.
Futurum’s Steven Dickens provides his take on an interesting week in the mainframe space. Congressman Matt Cartwright (D-PA-08) looks to get support for the Grace Hopper Code for Us Act in the House to fund higher ed training for IT jobs and addressing the shortage of professionals with a background in older coding languages needed to maintain and modernize critical government IT systems. Micro Focus plays a significant role in that initiative, and Broadcom looks to transform the mainframe landscape through Open Source with The Linux Foundation, Open Mainframe Project. Very interesting times ahead for the mainframe industry.
Futurum Research Senior Analyst, Steven Dickens provides his take on the Q2 2021 results for IBM Systems. The headline results on the surface look troubling for Systems, however given the product life cycles of IBM Z and Power, and tough comparisons against Q2 2020, the business did surprisingly well and shows areas of growth and penetration in the marketplace.
BMC today announced new capabilities aimed at security, facilitating a modern development experience, and promoting an open, collaborative mainframe. Futurum analyst Steven Dickens shares his insights on the relevance and timeliness of these capabilities as well as what’s ahead.
BMC’s Compuware acquisition is a clear sign that the mainframe era is winding down. Recognizing that their enterprise customers are distributing IT assets across clouds and need tooling to automate management of it all, they have wisely hitched wagons and beefed up their focusing on self-managing closed-loop IT operations management.
Google continues its investments in companies that will drive more workloads to the cloud, but is the purchase of Cornerstone a sound move for Google Cloud?