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IBM CEO Ginny Rometty has stepped down after a challenging yet meaningful tenure as the company's CEO. A look at the change and how it will impact IBM.
IBM had a strong earnings report for its fiscal 4th quarter in 2019. The earnings popped on strong results in systems covering for shortfalls elsewhere.
In this special episode of the Futurum Tech Podcast The Interview Series, Daniel Newman welcomes Bill Lobig, Vice President of IBM’s Content Services, to discuss how the way we manage content has evolved. After all, content is the cornerstone of the internet, and the way we treat it is changing—thanks to developing technology.
This week’s FTP features a lively discussion around the topic of Xerox and its bid to takeover HP, Mavenir pushing OpenRAN to accelerate 5G, NVIDIA and its readiness to power AI inference workloads, DXC’s takeover of Virtual Clarity, security breaches and CEO departures, and much more. If you’re not yet subscribing to FTP, you’re missing out. Give it a listen today!
On this edition of the Futurum Tech Podcast, Lyft's IPO, rise of the Chinese phone makers. Facebook bans white supremacists, Huawei's "insecure stuff" in the UK, IBM introduces hyper protect services, Facebook again with discrimination of housing, and our crystal ball, will Uber's IPO be impacted by Lyft's performance or will it? These stories and more coming up on this episode of FTP.