Category: Employee Experience

Keith Kirkpatrick, Research Director at The Futurum Group, speaks with Kathryn Murphy, Senior VP, Product & Design with Twilio, about CX, personalization, and AI, and how it can also be used to improve customer and employee journeys.
Insights Can Be Surfaced Anywhere, Anytime, and for Any Stakeholder
Keith Kirkpatrick, Research Director at The Futurum Group, covers the general availability of Tableau Pulse and discusses how it helps address the growing trend of insights for everyone, anywhere, and at any time.
Workplace Experience Platform Supports a More Connected, Productive, and Positive Environment
Craig Durr and Sherril Hanson at The Futurum Group look at Appspace’s most recent enhancements to its workplace experience platform which promise to tie together the often disjointed technologies that employees often need to contend with.
Keith Kirkpatrick, Research Director, Enterprise Applications, at The Futurum Group, discusses the common challenges faced by field service workers, provides an overview of the market for field service applications, and covers how SaaS companies’ offerings are meeting these needs.
WalkMe Shows Strong Results with a Lot of Upside for 2024
The Futurum Group’s Daniel Newman, Sherril Hanson, and Keith Kirkpatrick of The Futurum Group cover WalkMe’s Q4 2023 earnings. The company rounded out a transformational 2023 with strong results, continued customer growth, and new product innovation.
Acrobat AI Assistant Enables Content Summarization, Organization, and Queries Within the Flow of Work
Keith Kirkpatrick, Research Directors with The Futurum Group, covers Adobe’s announcement of Acrobat AI Assistant, and discusses how the company will leverage the ubiquity of the PDF format to drive use of the tool.
New Partnership Focused on Delivering a Seamless Purchasing and Case Management Process Could Serve as a Model for Future Enterprise App Collaborations
Keith Kirkpatrick, Research Director with The Futurum Group, covers Genpact and ServiceNow’s Source-to-Pay application and discusses why this deal may be a blueprint for others to follow in the enterprise application market.
Enhancements Center on Helping Organizations Manage Workers More Effectively and Efficiently
Keith Kirkpatrick and Sherril Hanson of The Futurum Group cover Tymeshift’s latest product enhancements and discuss how they should help Zendesk meet the needs of larger customers.
Webex AI Strategy Empowers Webex Contact Center to Better Support Customers and Agents
Sherril Hanson, Senior Research Analyst at The Futurum Group, shares insights into a recent Cisco Webex briefing focused on its AI strategy, particularly relating to Webex Contact Center.
Training and Certification Offering Designed for Both ServiceNow and Industry Needs
Keith Kirkpatrick, Research Director with The Futurum Group, discusses the demand for industry-wide technology skills training and highlights how RiseUp with ServiceNow is helping to address those needs.
Enhancements Focus on the Use of AI for More Powerful, Focused, and Data-Enriched Insights and Analytics
Sherril Hanson, Senior Analyst at The Futurum Group, shares her insights on the next generation of the Perceptyx People Insights Platform, which focuses on the use of AI for more powerful, focused, and data-enriched insights and analytics.
ADP Assist Solution Goes Across Multiple ADP Platforms
Keith Kirkpatrick and Sherril Hanson of The Futurum Group share insights on ADP Assist, a generative AI solution that integrates with ADP’s products across multiple platforms to support HR productivity, decision making, and daily task efficiencies.