Category: Edge Networking

Google Cloud partnering with AT&T to build 5G edge computing solutions is a move toward helping telcos optimize for 5G wireless applications. It’s also a move that’s central to Google’s strategy of moving the company beyond its core ad business and working to claim a larger share of the enterprise cloud business. What’s most noteworthy about this announcement from Google Cloud is the breadth of its strategy for partnering with 5G carriers, including, but not limited to, AT&T. Here’s a look at that in greater depth.
Ribbon’s EdgeMarc 6000 smartens the operator and enterprise edge and boosts Ribbon’s overall competitiveness. Ribbons’ edge portfolio puts increased pressure on SBC platform rivals such as Cisco, Oracle, Metaswitch, Huawei, and Ericsson to show their ability to diversify their portfolios to meet the intelligent edge demands of customers in both the operator and enterprise spaces.
While its new offerings are compelling, it may be equally as relevant that Microsoft is clearly creating a culture that embraces partnership and open development, and one that even extends to competitors.
Marketers gather and use most of the data pulled by businesses today, however, it’s essential that they begin to take a leading role in crafting a privacy policy—whether they like it or not.
In this special edition of Futurum Tech Podcast, we give a longer review of recent edge computing research and then we follow it up talking about recent trips to the Moon. We're talking blockchain AI. We're talking about Microsoft passing Apple. And we talk about are we getting too much recognition from our friends at Amazon? This and so much more on Futurum Tech Podcast.