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In this Futurum Tech Webcast conversation Futurum’s principal analyst Shelly Kramer talks with Angela Lepelley, Five9’s Sales Director, AI and Automation, about the value of improving customer experience in the contact center and the role AI will play in making this a reality.
The Importance of Edge in Achieving Your Unique Goals - The Six Five Summit Sessions
Futurum analyst Michael Diamond covers Check Point Software’s Q2 2022 earnings, which surpassed analyst expectations, and discusses how the overall security category continues to be resilient in the face of macroeconomic headwinds in the future, along with what he sees ahead for Check Point.
Futurum analysts Daniel Newman and Todd R. Weiss share their insights as Amazon Q2 2022 revenue rises to $121.2B, up 7% from Q2 2021 leading the broadly-diversified company to a solid quarter.
The Six Five team discusses Alexa Live 2022.
This week's episode of The Six Five Webcast, hosted by Patrick Moorhead and Daniel Newman., covers the latest IBM & SAP Earnings, the Chips Act, Intel's new Arc A750, news from Alexa Live, and Microsoft's Contact Center.
Amazon and Rivian rolled out custom designed Electric Delivery Vehicles (EDV) in a dozen cities across the country yesterday. Futurum's principal analyst Daniel Newman takes a look at this partnership and believes we could see more from Amazon and Rivian in the future and potentially even more EDVs in other delivery fleets as well.
Futurum analyst Michael Diamond discusses some of the key announcements made at the Amazon Alexa Live 2022 event and explores how he expects those announcements to increase Amazon Alexa’s partner ecosystem as well as serving to create greater entanglement for users in the future.
Futurum analyst Shelly Kramer explores news of the establishment of a new Office of Environmental Justice as part of the DOJ, with the goal of bringing attention to the disparate effects of climate change on marginalized communities and the imperative to find effective solutions.
Futurum principal analyst Shelly Kramer reacts to Amazon Web Services being re-awarded a $10 Billion contract from the National Security Agency — despite contestation by Microsoft — with insight into the implications of AWS’s victory.
Futurum’s lead analyst Shelly Kramer responds to Ogilvy UK’s plan to phase out collaboration with influencers who edit their faces and bodies with insight into the social impact of authenticity and diversity in modern marketing practices.