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Some companies are leading the push for better data privacy and are being rewarded with customer loyalty. Here are the standouts you might not have heard about.
Companies around the world are dealing with not just digital transformation and growing customer expectations, but the continued pandemic, decreased budgets, and changing customer priorities.
Twilio had an explosive YoY growth quarter led by demand for customer engagement solutions that reach consumers in real-time.
This week Oracle announced a series of updates to its CX platform highlighting b2b selling and service opportunities.
From consumer CX to industrial applications, from creating more immersive experiences to bringing accessibility to people with disabilities, the Mudra Band was one of the highlights of this year’s virtual CES show for Futurum’s Fred McClimans. He writes, “I think this tech has tremendous potential and expect it to play a significant role in our daily lives, perhaps sooner than many might have anticipated.”
In 2021, we’re going to see marketing teams especially focused on taking control of customer data and analytics efforts for the welfare of the enterprise. Here are some key ways teams can use data to drive better customer outcomes and business performance this year.
While technologists tout the coolest digital transformation trends for 2021, the following tech trends are keeping CMOs up at night.
SAP has made its intention to spin-off its experience management platform, Qualtrics, official by filling its IPO paperwork with the SEC.
This week Oracle CX Summit brought an inside look at the company's approach to delivering a full stack for CX from infrastructure to apps.
With the Oracle Digital Experience for Communications debut, Oracle is addressing the CSP top priority of driving and winning the CX battle across the digital ecosystem. This includes ensuring CSPs engage their customers through their preferred interaction channels, personalizing digital experiences and injecting agility into B2B2X engagements. The new solution is fully differentiated by the blending of OCI capabilities and Oracle telco software knowledge. Oracle meets CSP integration demands in hybrid cloud environments through support of TM Forum’s ODA and Open API initiatives, potentially accelerating CSP adoption and spurring CX innovation and digital ecosystem influence.
During this week's Oracle Live, the company announced a series of updates to its Unity CDP to improve how companies manage and utilize data.