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Marketers gather and use most of the data pulled by businesses today, however, it’s essential that they begin to take a leading role in crafting a privacy policy—whether they like it or not.
In the past few years, technologists have speculated on blockchain’s relevance to not just finance and cryptocurrency, but a wide range of other areas. Here are a few use cases.
In this special episode of the Futurum Tech Podcast Interview Series, Daniel Newman welcomes Rebecca Gott, IBM Distinguished Engineer. Rebecca has worked for IBM for 20 years and currently focuses on blockchain on the IMB Z and LinuxONE Team. Daniel and Rebecca take a deep dive into blockchain use cases in today’s business environment.
Exploring the impact of the IBM Hyper Protect accelerator, which was designed to drive innovation in security focused industries like finance and healthcare
Blockchain is starting to have a bigger impact on digital marketing driving transparency and digital control back to users. We are exploring the trend and what it means to marketers.
We are exploring the most significant digital transformation trends that will impact business and our lives in 2020.
Could blockchain be the answer to the privacy crisis we are facing? Let’s take a look at how personal privacy protection with blockchain could be the solution.