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The Futurum Group's Steven Dickens writes about the latest developments from Coinbase and their ongoing challenges with regulators. Coinbase has received a Wells notice from the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). A Wells notice is an indication that the regulator is thinking of taking action against an individual or firm. In response, Coinbase said it welcomed the legal process and that it believes regulations are necessary to protect consumers. The exchange's confidence in the legality of its assets and services is a position that has not been shared by all. SEC Chairman Gary Gensler recently outlined the agency's priorities in regulating the cryptocurrency industry, including exchanges, stablecoins and decentralized finance platforms.
The Futurum Group VP & Practice Leader Steven Dickens provides his take on the latest announcements from last week at Consensus 2023, where Google Cloud and Polygon Labs announced a multi-year strategic alliance that will make it easier for developers to build, launch, and grow Web3 and dApps.
Wainhouse senior analyst Sean Spradling, part of The Futurum Group Family of companies, dives into part 2 of the Metaverse and Workplace Communications, focusing on several of the technologies expected to be central to the way we all experience the internet in the future.
The Six Five team discusses the Best Flop (Worst) of 2022.
In our latest research brief, Ripple Powering the Next Evolution of Central Bank Digital Currencies, done in partnership with Ripple, explores the benefits and challenges around CBDCs and why this new technology could transform the world.
Futurum Analyst in Residence Jared Klee analyzes the anticipation of congressional legislation allowing non-banks to issue stablecoins and explores what it takes for stablecoins to be safe and sound, why non-bank issuers can make financial services available to unserved Americans, and why healthy competition among well-regulated institutions is core to the American dream.
Futurum Analyst in Residence Jared Klee analyzes crypto startup Polysign’s $53 million Series C to expand their custody and fund administration business and explores why the combined business lines are good for fund managers and the industry as a whole and considers what’s next for the company as it continues to grow.
Futurum Analyst in Residence Jared Klee analyzes Three Arrows Capital’s insolvency, compares the unwinding to the still ongoing liquidation of Lehman Brothers, and explores the collateral damage that we are still discovering with Voyager, BlockFi, Celsius, and more.
Futurum Analyst in Residence Jared Klee analyzes Circle’s custody partnership with New York Community Bank and the crypto company’s successful follow through on the ambitious goals of Circle Impact to extend services to people and communities all too often left behind by traditional financial services.
Futurum Analyst in Residence Jared Klee analyzes Jewel’s newly approved Bermudian bank license for crypto and digs into Jewel’s competitive positioning on a global scale, why Bermuda is an attractive jurisdiction for crypto bank builders and customers alike, and why Jewel’s initial stablecoin and settlement products will be so impactful.
Futurum Analyst in Residence Jared Klee analyzes the insolvency of HSBC, IBM, and SocGen backed blockchain consortium and digs into why the consortium failed, compares it to the success of competitor Marco Polo Network, and considers what the founding companies might take away from the insolvency to turn a failure into a success.
Futurum Analyst in Residence Jared Klee analyzes crypto bank Custodia’s lawsuit against the Federal Reserve’s inaction on the bank’s master account application and dives into Custodia’s likely business model and how that compares with the already-rejected The Narrow Bank and what the chances are that Custodia will succeed.