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As companies look to leverage more AI, better planning will be a critical requirement. Here is a look at what businesses should do to move forward with their AI strategies.
On this special episode of the Futurum Tech Podcast - Interview Series, host Daniel Newman is joined by Logan Wilt, AI data scientist and Applied AI Center of Excellence Garage Leader at DXC Technology to talk about using AI to approach problem solving and the human-machine relationship we are now encountering.
In this special episode of the Futurum Tech Webcast — Interview Series, host Shelly Kramer interviews Rob Walker, Pega’s VP of decisioning and analytics to discuss the role AI is playing in the pandemic, the launch of Pega’s Responsible AI ethical bias check, how empathy and ethics come into play and impact the bottom line, and also how organizations can benefit from leveraging AI moving forward.
NVIDIA's annual digital event, GTC, made a big splash as CEO Jensen Huang announced several key advancements in AI that will shape its future.
Siemens continues efforts for IoT with enhancement and combined efforts of its MindSphere IoT system and Mendix low-code software application. Digital twin, advanced analytics, edge-to-cloud and a growing partner ecosystem also add to its IoT offerings.
Companies are starting to use emotional recognition technology for recruitment. But we know the results should not be accepted without further research. It simply isn’t fair for us to judge other people for what they’re feeling—especially if, as the science shows, we actually don’t know.
Amidst one of the world's most challenging times, Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang has committed to no layoffs and raises for al Nvidia Employees.
As the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic forces populations around the world to adopt social distancing strategies, many of the technologies that we considered “complementary” to our traditional day-to-day productivity have now become our primary modes of presence, collaboration, and productivity.
How AI can potentially be used in the battle against pandemics – exploring the potential use cases of AI for battling coronarivus COVID-19 and beyond.
If we don’t understand how machine learning works, how can we trust it? Increasing model transparency creates risks as well as rewards.
We’ve talked a lot about how AI could take jobs, but it actually looks like AI is the new job creator. Here are the implications of this development.