Category: AI and Data Analytics

Lisa Martin shares her insights on modern MarTech with Thomas Been, CMO of Domino Data Lab. They unveil the essence of modern marketing, discuss understanding audience motivations (the art) and how to swiftly address customer needs (the science).
Oliver Parker, Vice President at Google Cloud, joins Daniel Newman and Patrick Moorhead to share his insights on why Google Cloud is increasingly becoming the go-to option for generative AI, given its advanced capabilities and global customer engagement.
Ash Kulkarni, CEO at Elastic joins Daniel Newman to share his insights on Elastic's recent financial achievements and the company's prowess in generative AI technology. A compelling brief glimpse into how generative AI is shaping the future of Elastic's offerings and customer experiences.
David Flynn, Founder and CEO at Hammerspace, joins Daniel Newman to shed light on the synergy between AI and storage technologies, discussing the pivotal roles of Hyperscale NAS and Data Orchestration in AI architectures.
Patrick Moorhead and Daniel Newman are joined by Intel's Justin Hotard and Sachin Katti for an insightful discussion on Intel's strategic direction regarding Enterprise AI, which was covered this week during Intel Vision 2024.
Simplifying Scalability, Performance, and Cost-Effectiveness for Enterprise Data Lakes
Stephen Foskett, President of Tech Field Day, and Sam Holschuh, Analyst at The Futurum Group, offer expert insights into Starburst's Managed Icehouse Implementation and its impact on the data analytics industry.
The UXL Foundation Has Been Getting Attention Lately as It Plans to Provide an Open-Source Alternative to NVIDIA’s CUDA GPU Coding Platform
The Futurum Group’s Dr. Bob Sutor discusses the UXL’s plan to create a “multi-architecture multi-vendor software ecosystem for all accelerators,” competing with NVIDIA’s CUDA platform for GPUs. Does it stand a chance of overcoming NVIDIA’s lead?
Kyle Dufresne and Ihab Tarazi from Dell Technologies share their insights on the current state and future of AI adoption, outlining the pivotal role Dell plays in enabling and accelerating enterprises' AI journey.
Varun Chhabra, SVP Product Marketing at Dell Technologies, shares his insights on the launch of the Dell AI Factory with NVIDIA at GTC, illustrating how Dell is propelling the AI revolution forward.
Eric Hall, CMO Digital Experience Business at Adobe, shares his insights on the transformative role of AI in customer experience, discussing the challenges and solutions highlighted during the Adobe Summit.
Our latest Lab Insight Report, Dell Enables an Industrial Digital Twin Proof of Concept with Artificial Intelligence Technology, a Proof of Concept, developed by Scalers AI in partnership with Dell, Broadcom, and The Futurum Group, that showcases an innovative approach to developing AI in manufacturing environments using metaverse digital twins.
Our latest Lab Insight Report, Dell POC for Scalable and Heterogeneous Gen-AI Platform, outlines a Proof of Concept, and we investigate the ability to perform scale-out inferencing for production and to utilize a similar inferencing software stack across heterogeneous CPU and GPU systems to accommodate different production requirements.