Category: Advanced Computing

IBM Announces Additional Details About the Quantum Software Development Kit
Dr. Bob Sutor examines IBM’s recent announcement of new features for the Qiskit 1.0 release of the quantum software development kit. AI for quantum takes center stage, including GenAI in the Qiskit Coding Assistant built on Granite.
D-Wave Had a Consistent Quarter to Start 2024
Compared with Q4 2023, D-Wave had a consistent quarter to start 2024. Its fast-anneal feature is a notable achievement that will benefit existing users, allowing them to run individual computations faster and more of them.
Revenue Was Slightly Above Guidance and Bookings Were Low
The Futurum Group’s Dr. Bob Sutor examines quantum computing company IonQ’s Q1 2024 earnings report, discusses their relative financial position, and points out the key metric to watch over the next two quarters.
The Futurum Group’s Dr. Bob Sutor examines the Australian government’s investment in PsiQuantum and the Japanese government’s funding of QuEra, both US-based companies.
Quantinuum Announced a Dramatic Improvement in Error Rates that Should Lead to Faster Adoption of Quantum Error-Correcting Codes
The Futurum Group’s Dr. Bob Sutor discusses Quantinuum’s announcement of achieving better than 99.9% 2-qubit gate fidelity and what this means for quantum error correction.
The Futurum Group’s Dr. Bob Sutor uses the news of IBM’s installation of a Quantum System One at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) in New York to discuss why putting a quantum computing system on-premises is becoming a reasonable strategy.
The UXL Foundation Has Been Getting Attention Lately as It Plans to Provide an Open-Source Alternative to NVIDIA’s CUDA GPU Coding Platform
The Futurum Group’s Dr. Bob Sutor discusses the UXL’s plan to create a “multi-architecture multi-vendor software ecosystem for all accelerators,” competing with NVIDIA’s CUDA platform for GPUs. Does it stand a chance of overcoming NVIDIA’s lead?
Microsoft and Quantinuum Have Clarified the Notion of a Logical Qubit and Demonstrated a True Implementation
The Futurum Group’s Dr. Bob Sutor discusses Microsoft and Quantinuum’s creation of two pairs of error-corrected and entangled logical qubits.
Qubits Are the Physical Instantiation of the Units of Information in Quantum Computers—This Article Introduces the Key Ideas and Concepts of Qubits
The Futurum Group’s Dr. Bob Sutor demystifies the ideas and terminology involving quantum bits, aka qubits.
D-Wave’s Expenses Still Far Outweigh Its Revenue; It Will Need to Add Customers While Demonstrating Its Annealing Approach to Quantum Computing Has Value
The Futurum Group’s Dr. Bob Sutor examines D-Wave’s announcement of its 4Q23 and FY23 earnings, putting its quantum technology and products into an understandable context.
The Futurum Group’s Dr. Bob Sutor recounts the webinar he hosted of Infleqtion’s software team members discussing how their Superstaq product performs optimization of quantum circuits and applications to run significantly faster on quantum hardware.
The Futurum Group’s Dr. Bob Sutor examines the recent release of the Qiskit 1.0 quantum software development kit and discusses its importance for enabling applications on the next generation of quantum computing systems.