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On this episode of FTP, we take a look at the impact of the growing conflict between the United States and China involving trade, intellectual property, cybersecurity and now presidential executive orders. Plus, we'll take a look at Cisco's earnings, how Google is using a new Translatotron to transmogrify translation, the latest in US cybersecurity initiatives, major networks and what they're doing with your personal data. And then finally, HPE is acquiring Cray, the coolest supercomputer company ever. And that and more on this episode of FTP.
Could blockchain be the answer to the privacy crisis we are facing? Let’s take a look at how personal privacy protection with blockchain could be the solution.
A wide variety of wireless UC presentation systems have been discovered to have significant security exploits and not all have been fixed. Here's what you need to do.
On this week's FTP, Futurum of Tech Podcast, we take a look at Uber's IPO. Is it really a lift for the company? We don't think so. We'll also take a look at the MS Build Conference and SAP Sapphire Conference. We'll take a look at Google's new privacy focus, which seems a lot like Facebook's of late. And we'll take a look at the rise of drones in the air, from the FAA and their predictions for the 2023 timeframe, as well as what Nutanix is doing in the hybrid cloud VDI space. All this and more on this week's edition of FTP.
The scope of Ericsson's 5G Consumer Use study provides the validity required to strengthen the case for accelerating 5G deployment and boosting 5G use cases. We see the new Ericsson ConsumerLab survey driving broader near-term adoption of 5G across the entire mobile ecosystem and boosting Ericsson’s competitive position in capitalizing on the new market opportunities.
What does privacy mean in the age of digital transformation? Do companies care, will they ever care? A look into the state of privacy and how it may be a differentiator in the future.
The SAS Global Forum 2019 event this past week focused on innovation to improve decision-making. Here are my observations and thoughts on next steps that are important for SAS.
Google's introduction of the Pixel 3A is a clever, and strategic, business move. Not only does it serve a market need, it will require other manufacturers to step up. In addition, it introduces its phones to a much larger market, expands its footprint, and sets the stage to later move customers to a more pricey device.
Microsoft Build 2019 was personified by a commitment to privacy and responsible AI, and every indication of solid plans for continued strong growth. Beyond the ethical foundations lies a very real set of platforms and opportunities that Microsoft has identified and is building their future around: Azure, Dynamics 365 and Power Platform, Office 365, and Microsoft Gaming and XBox. Microsoft gave no reason to reconsider any bullish positions that exist about the company. Nadella, once again, delivered clarity about the direction of the company while showing consciousness to humanity and the impact that technology will have on our society.
We know sales teams need AI, but it isn't like flipping a switch. How can sales get the most from their data and leverage AI to improve performance?
On this edition of the Futurum Tech Podcast: Tech's privacy problem, is Facebook moving us towards a solution or murkier waters, Apple and Qualcomm post quarterly earnings following the settlement of their global litigation. Even E-cigarettes get into the data collection business, now what? US-China trade talks, why did the US loosen its focus on IP protections, plus a report from Dell Tech World and the SAS Global Forum. Those stories and more coming up on this episode of FTP.
Qualcomm earnings need a deeper look than the Street is providing. 5G, AR, and a Qualcomm-powered iPhone all play a role here, Futurum's Olivier Blanchard breaks it down.