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Our newest white paper, MySQL HeatWave on AWS Sizzles with New and Remarkable Price Performance Breakthroughs — done in partnership with Oracle — offers a look into the MySQL HeatWave on AWS solution and its incredible price performance advantages, including outperforming Amazon’s own top tier cloud databases, as well as delivering major data plane, control plane, ETL avoidance, and interactive console innovations for AWS customers.
In our latest research brief, How the Growth of Cloud Computing Provides a Roadmap to Enterprise AI Adoption — done in partnership with C3 AI — Futurum analysts Todd R. Weiss and Daniel Newman analyze how today’s businesses can look to the experiences that the shift to cloud computing provided, while formulating a strategy to bring Enterprise AI into the IT processes of their companies without massive re-architecture and the cost that comes with it.
In our latest report, Retailers Prioritize Resiliency in Physical and Digital Stores to Protect and Grow Businesses — done in partnership with Microsoft— we examine the possible ties between the use of retail technology and perceptions of resiliency, both today and in the future.
In this research brief, done in partnership with Treasure Data, Futurum principal analyst Shelly Kramer analyzes how today’s businesses can capitalize on their data, connect customer experiences across platforms, and bring customers closer to run more efficiently and effectively.
In our latest research brief, How Full Asset Lifecycle Management Benefits Project Planning to Final Decommissioning — done in partnership with IFS — Futurum analysts Daniel Newman and Todd R. Weiss explore the challenges faced by Enterprise Asset Management customers in all aspects of planning, tracking and maintaining these critical assets across operations.
In our latest research brief, Intelligent Edge Demands Make High-Performance Memory and Storage Essential — done in partnership with Micron — Futurum Analysts Daniel Newman and Ron Westfall explore the intelligent edge ecosystem, the embedded business market, and the technologies that will play an integral role in optimizing edge capabilities now and in the future.
In this latest research brief, Dell CloudIQ: Using AIOps to Make Digital Transformation and Multicloud Journeys Smarter — created in collaboration with Dell Technologies — Futurum analyst Ron Westfall offers insight into the current state of IT environments, AIOps, and how organizations are looking to do more with less. We also explore potential solutions that can help fulfill the needs of enterprises today.
In our latest research brief, Infrastructure Innovation at the Speed of Cloud — done in partnership with SoftIron— Futurum senior analyst Steven Dickens analyzes the challenges organizations face as they navigate their cloud deployments and what possible technology solutions could unlock the full value proposition of multi-cloud architecture.
In our latest report, 2022 B2B Digital Buyers’ Journey: Forces Shaping the Future of Enterprise Procurement, we once again partnered with SAP, building on the prior survey, understand the forces that have shaped both the demand for, and the process of, enterprise software procurement.
In our latest research brief, Why Edge-to-Cloud Platform? Why HPE? — done in partnership with HPE — we analyze their Edge-to-Cloud platform to determine if it meets the intricate challenges of edge-to-cloud environments for IT leaders focusing on edge-to-cloud solutions.