The Futurum Group's Statement on Israel


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A security first mindset is critical for businesses of all sizes today. According to data from the 2018-2019 Global Application and Network Security Report, the average cost of a cyberattack (estimated) is more than $1 million, and for those organizations who calculate real costs rather than estimate the impact of a breach, the cost is in the $1.67M range. Not at all surprising that a company like Auth0, focusing on identity authentication, has reached a billion dollar valuation. More to come on that front, for sure.I
At WWDC 2019 Apple's privacy theme rings clear even with a host of massive new announcements. With privacy concerns a growing issue, here are what I think are some of Apple's privacy-focused standouts.
Microsoft Teams is quickly becoming a significant platform for the software giant. In the world of Unified Communications, it gives companies one solution instead of cobbling together several to achieve the same result. Teams' upgrades are impressive, and Microsoft is quickly creating the UC platform for the modern workplace.
Salesforce continues its commitment to corporate social activism by taking a very pubic stand against guns with its latest modification to its Acceptable Use Policy. The company is not alone on this front, joined by companies including Shopify, Dick's Sporting Goods, Walmart, Levi's, and others.
The Microsoft London Flagship Store is scheduled to open in Oxford Circus in July 2019. Here's why that's not a direct shot at Apple, but instead, a strategic brand-focused move by Microsoft. And one that I predict will be only the beginning.
Microsoft and Sony teaming up on cloud gaming will allow them to fend off new players like Google Stadia by leveraging Azure and Sony's imaging. A smart move by both companies, here's why.
Enghouse Systems practically steals Vidyo at its $40 million purchase price. Here's where Vidyo misstepped along the way, and why this was such a smart move on the part of Enghouse.
Customer loyalty has never been more important. Amazon one-day shipping is just the latest announcement that shows how the battle for customers is heating up.
On this edition of the Futurum Tech Podcast, something is afoot at the Circle Koh, what Judge Koh's bizarre decision in the FTC versus Qualcomm case actually means for the future of Qualcomm and the future of 5G, Amazon's next healthcare wearable might be able to actually read moods, SpaceX's broadband satellite moonshot gets a boost, Tesla autopilot gets trashed by Consumer Reports, trouble in Snapchat paradise. Those stories and more coming up on this episode on FTP.
CIOs and CMOs need to work together to build the right infrastructure to support their analytics needs. This article explores the CIO/CMO convergence that needs to happen.