Insight Type: Six Five Webcast

Pavan Davuluri, Corporate VP at Microsoft, joins Daniel Newman and Ryan Shrout to share his insights on Microsoft’s vision for AI in transforming the PC experience with Copilot+ PCs. Discover how AI redefines what's possible in computing.
In this engaging episode of the Six Five On the Road, our hosts dive into how Zoho's comprehensive suite of applications is revolutionizing businesses from SMBs to large enterprises, detailing the transformational impact of Zoho's products across various sectors.
Lisa Martin, Cory Johnson, and Melody Brue explore how Zoho's unwavering philosophy, strong convictions, and distinctive culture have been pivotal in its growth and success in the tech sector. A must-listen for those interested in the interplay between corporate values and business success.
Six Five Media hosts Cory Johnson, Lisa Martin, and Dave Nicholson share their insights on the groundbreaking developments from Zoholics. This conversation dives into Zoho's innovative strides and strategic vision, showcasing how they're paving the way in the tech industry.
Ram Ramamoorthy, Director of AI Research at Zoho Corporation, joins Cory Johnson and Lisa Martin to share his insights on Zoho's innovative strategies for tackling AI challenges in the enterprise. This discussion illuminates how Zoho is leading the charge in integrating AI technology to enhance business operations and decision-making.
Josh Corson, SVP at OP360, joins Cory Johnson & Lisa Martin to share his insights on harnessing Zoho's power to fuel growth and enhance data-driven decisions making OP360 a leader in their field.
Sridhar Vembu, CEO at Zoho, joins Cory Johnson and Lisa Martin to share his insights on how enhancing employee satisfaction directly impacts customer experience, drawing on Zoho's successful strategies in this field.
David Fauser, VP of Sales, Marketing, and Strategy at CIMCO, shares insights on how leveraging Zoho's technology enables CIMCO to innovate and enhance sustainability in their refrigeration solutions, shaping the future of the industry.
Raju Vegesna, Chief Evangelist at Zoho, joins Cory Johnson & Lisa Martin to share his insights on Zoho's CRM customization advancements which aim to significantly enhance customer experience and operational efficiency for businesses.
Daniel Newman and co-hosts share their insights on the latest AI and tech innovations from Computex 2024, analyzing how these breakthroughs are driving industry transformation and what to anticipate in the future of technology.
Anshel Sag to share his insights on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X Elite and X Plus devices, spotlighting the blending of cutting-edge technologies with practical applications in major industries.
Don McGuire, SVP & CMO at Qualcomm, shares his insights on how Snapdragon is broadening its horizons beyond mobile to redefine technology sectors such as AI PCs, bringing innovative computing to the forefront.