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Google continues its investments in companies that will drive more workloads to the cloud, but is the purchase of Cornerstone a sound move for Google Cloud?
Microsoft has revealed its new unified Office application that can be used on iOS and Android to unify all of the productivity apps into a single app.
Virgin Galactic stock has soared 160% so far in 2020, which shows the market’s confidence in the notion of space tourism. The company projects revenues of $600 million by 2023. If private space efforts literally ‘soar’ and projected revenues are met, all different types of verticals and areas of the tech sector will want to become part of the value chain.
Microsoft’s ElectionGuard software could have far-reaching impact. After a beta test in local elections in Wisconsin yesterday, here are my thoughts on what’s ahead—the goals, opportunities, and challenges. This could well be one of the most important products Microsoft has ever developed—at least so far. Equally important, it’s an example of Big Tech doing more, because it can.
With the announcement of the Snapdragon X60, Qualcomm is ushering in its 3rd generation 5G platform with improved antenna and carrier aggregation technology
New data on smart speakers show that the market is growing at a fast pace, but it is new entrants, mostly from China that are seeing the biggest growth.
Nvidia delivered a strong Q4 for its FY 20 breaking revenue records in pro viz and data center while beating revenue and earnings expectations.
The cloud wars continue to be exciting. Amazon scored today as a judge blocked the Department of Defense $10Bn JEDI cloud services contract award to Microsoft pending decisions on Amazon’s request to depose the President and other government officials with regard to the award of this contract. But in the big scheme of things, will it matter? Here’s what I think.
The T-Mobile Sprint deal wins merger approval, and no doubt wreaking competitive havoc is on the agenda for the new entity, called The New T-Mobile. That said, there’s more ahead than just shaking up the mobile carrier space. Here’s my perspective on the merger and the various 5G benefit claims made by The New T-Mobile, along with what’s likely ahead for cable operators. There are also some concerns that loom ahead, including delivering on the promised benefits, legal approval of the Dish Network settlement, and securing approval from the California Public Utility Commission.
Cisco was able to deliver on its Q2 guidance beating both revenue and earnings despite a number of tough economic factors related to China and Brexit.
Still upset over losing the Department of Defense JEDI contract, Amazon’s AWS seeks to President Trump and six other government workers regarding the selection of Microsoft for the DoD cloud services contract. Will questioning the government about this decision make any difference?