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Zadara Cloud Platform – Product Brief

Zadara offers a software-defined storage platform, delivered as a pay-as-you go, consumption-based service. Zadara Cloud Platform combines the features of cloud storage with the ability to locate and manage the storage environment either within the four walls of the enterprise data center or within a public cloud environment such as Amazon Web Services.

Zadara Cloud Platform can be deployed in a number of different ways depending on a customer’s use case. These include:

  • On-Premises storage arrays
  • Cloud-based Storage as a Service (StaaS) from major service provider/colocation facilities worldwide[1]
  • Hybrid deployments that combine on premises and cloud-based deployments of the Zadara platform

The Zadara Cloud Platform was designed for customers looking for a software-defined, on or off premises, cloud storage environment. For that reason, it is fundamentally different from a traditional storage array. Attributes built into the platform include:

  • Scalable CPU and data transport characteristics
  • Native multi-tenancy coupled with the ability to enforce workload isolation
  • Backup to Object Storage
  • Capability to provision SSDs and HDDs
  • All flash arrays support both deduplication and compression technologies
  • Encryption for data in motion and data at rest (encryption keys kept by user)
  • Accessible via REST APIs for openness and portability
  • Cost control features accessible by administrators
  • Capability to upgrade to new storage technologies at any time without incurring extra costs, downtime or contract extensions
  • Hibernation options to temporarily shut down an instance and reduce cost

Zadara Cloud Platform Product Brief Includes:

  • Overview
  • Highlights
  • Storage Services
  • Pricing Considerations and Terms & Conditions
  • EvaluScale Product Review Methodology
  • Evaluator Group’s Opinion

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December 21, 2020


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