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Lab Insight: IOmark-VM Benchmark Report for Tintri T5060 Storage System

This document is the official benchmark report for the tested configuration with a Tintri T5060 all-flash storage system running the IOmark-VM benchmark.

IOmark is a storage specific workload and benchmark designed to test storage systems performance using a variety of real world, application centric workloads. The IOmark-VM benchmark is a specific workload, which measures Server Virtualization workloads (VMs) run against storage systems. Results are published after audit and certified approval by IOmark authorized auditors.

IOmark-VM is a benchmark that certifies storage systems for virtual server workloads. The measurement criterion is storage performance, with the restriction that all storage workloads must be supported by the tested system. Although there are CPU and memory considerations, these aspects are not tested by the IOmark-VM workload.

The results achieved by the Tintri system running IOmark-VM are as follows: • The T5060 supported 480 IOmark-VM’s at a cost of $468.75 per VM

A full description of the configurations tested along with pricing information is provided in this document. The criteria and performance requirements are as follows:

  • For all application workloads:
    • All workloads must reside entirely on the tested system
    • Workloads are scaled in sets of 8 workloads
    • 70% of response times for I/O’s must not exceed 20ms
    • The average response time for each application type must not exceed 20ms
    • The replay time must complete within 1 hour and 15 seconds for each 1 hour workload
  • For hypervisor operations:
    • Clone, deploy, boot, software upgrade, VM deletion
    • Storage migration (aka Storage vMotion) between storage volumes

View IOmark results at

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September 12, 2016

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