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Evaluator Group has identified three primary Business Drivers that color the Container Management decision. Our research shows a wide variance of decisions and the weighting applied to the decision criteria.  Therefore we find it necessary to rank Container Management Platforms and Container Management Services offerings for each business driver.

  1. Container-Forward:

A customer following the pattern of Container Forward has made the decision to standardize his future computing architecture on Kubernetes containers and microservices application development.  Rather than focusing on the operational issues of managing the legacy environment, this buyer has decided to separate the legacy and future environments, manage the legacy with a defined level of resources, and maximize his future investment in modern architecture.   These customers place the highest value on Global Enterprise Functionality, the ability to manage a Hybrid Environment and Vendor Trust.  Professional Services and Training are also valued.

  1. Legacy-Integrate:

A customer following the pattern of Legacy-Integrate is focused on the challenge of finding the resources, skills and/or infrastructure to build and manage a new production Kubernetes (and microservices) environment while continuing to provide good quality service to the users from the large installed pool of vSphere virtual machines.   This buyer, seeks to modernize, and integrate the islands of Kubernetes POCs that have sprung up around the corporation, but more strongly desires to limit disruption.   This customer strongly values an integrated administrative approach for managing virtual machines and containers.  They will migrate applications, but with well-defined and managed risk. They are typically concerned with the ability of  current open-source migration tools being stable and resilient enough to address their issues, and they are concerned about integration with entrenched nests of applications.

  1. Fast Track Win:

This customer has the responsibility to rapidly build and deploy an application which will deliver visible innovation for his company as soon as possible.  Rather than simply accomplish this with a native cloud service, they have decided to build this in a modern, portable Kubernetes architecture. The technology decision is about this critical application, not the overall company architecture.

These applications often leverage data science, machine learning or analytics tools, in combination with data currently stored in legacy data systems as well as new data streams.  This customer is focused on two things:  speed and success.  They strongly value integrated solutions from container management vendors that speed time to production and decrease project risk.   The highest priority requirements for this buyer are Integrated Tools (both AI/ML/DB and application modernization.

EvaluScale Insights for Container Management Services

EvaluScale Insights by Container Forward

EvaluScale Insights by Infrastructure Leverage

EvaluScale Insights by Fast-Track Win

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April 21, 2022

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