Category: Customer Experience

As experiential retailer b8ta opens its first international store, the retail-as-a-service provider continues to blaze new trails in the retail industry, at a time when that is some much-needed change. Describing themselves as “the next generation of retail” and focusing not only on discovery, but also on the building of infrastructure and tools to power that next generation of retail, I continue to watch what the b8ta team is doing with interest.
In this episode of the Futurum Tech Podcast, fellow analyst Fred McClimans and I took a quick run through our recently published research report done in partnership with SAS, Experience 2030: The Future of Customer Experience is Now. We also talked about Russian hackers, China’s crackdown on deepfakes and fake news, employees who want to get Away from the trendy DTC luggage company, TikTok’s speedy settlement of the lawsuit on children’s data, and Toys ‘R Us and the brand’s new non-store store that may or not be kind of creepy. Join us for a listen, and if you’ve not yet hit the ‘subscribe’ button do, you won’t be sorry.