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Exabeam, a fast-growing startup in the SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) space is no real threat to Splunk, IBM. Here's why.
Walmart is taking on Amazon, Facebook, and Google with its new ad platform. That makes perfect sense. And it’s not the only place where Walmart is innovating to transform retail. There is every reason to think the new ad platform will be a success, and that Walmart will steal market share from its retail competitors.
In this Interview Series of the Futurum Tech Podcast, Daniel Newman sits down with Robert Christiansen, VP and Cloud Strategist at HPE. They discuss the recent Futurum/HPE survey on the State of Hybrid Cloud and how global enterprises are managing their migration to the cloud and the important role of hybrid public/private and on/off-premises networking and computing systems.
A year after coming out of bankruptcy Avaya acquisition rumors abound. Who should buy the UCaaS provider and why should they take the risk?
Microsoft and Sony teaming up on cloud gaming will allow them to fend off new players like Google Stadia by leveraging Azure and Sony's imaging. A smart move by both companies, here's why.
Customer loyalty has never been more important. Amazon one-day shipping is just the latest announcement that shows how the battle for customers is heating up.
CIOs and CMOs need to work together to build the right infrastructure to support their analytics needs. This article explores the CIO/CMO convergence that needs to happen.
Microsoft Build 2019 was personified by a commitment to privacy and responsible AI, and every indication of solid plans for continued strong growth. Beyond the ethical foundations lies a very real set of platforms and opportunities that Microsoft has identified and is building their future around: Azure, Dynamics 365 and Power Platform, Office 365, and Microsoft Gaming and XBox. Microsoft gave no reason to reconsider any bullish positions that exist about the company. Nadella, once again, delivered clarity about the direction of the company while showing consciousness to humanity and the impact that technology will have on our society.
Microsoft was set itself up for a significant governement contract, the DoD JEDI cloud contract and they are about to walk away with the $10 billion deal.
On this edition of the Futurum Tech Podcast, can social media platforms really be expected to identify, assess, and remove harmful content in real-time? The U.S. Congress think so. Uber has itself an IPO. Amazon's minimum wage shift. Microsoft Word and Google Docs become besties. The FCC announces a $20 billion investment fund in rural 5G deployments, a quick analysis of Amazon Lexus data collection response. Can Disney become the next Netflix? Those stories and more coming up on this episode of FTP.